Monday, March 22, 2010

The Slaughter Rule Starts Now

Insurance Companies Will Follow Credit Card Co. Example

The real "Slaughter Rule" starts now.  The Health Insurance Comanies have six months before they're impacted by ObamaCare, and I predict they'll follow the example set before them by the Credit Card companies earlier this year.

Much like the Credit Card companies cleansed themselves of their most difficult payers or those at the highest risk of default, the Health Care companies are about to start cleansing their insured roles with those they deem at highest risk of impacting their bottom line.

And it'll be perfectly legal for the next six months.

Have a pre-existing condition?  Prepare to get dropped.  Have a child or spouse with a pre-existing condition?  You're about to get dropped too.  Approaching 55 or 60 years old?  Are you a woman who gets a yearly mammogram?  Prepare to get dropped.  Have arthritis, trouble breathing, back problems or a genetic predisposition towards any disease?  Yep, you're going to get dropped too in the next six months - and it'll be perfectly legal.

No one's talked about this provision in "ObamaCare", that the law won't take affect for six months and during that time the Insurance Companies can drop on demand any paying customer for any reason, meaning they'll keep the healthiest only.

This is what ObamaCare has wrought upon America - and the Democrats who passed their bill yesterday didn't bother to stop and tell you - the peasants among them who's opinions didn't matter - what the implications of the bill would be.

How's that hopey-changey crap working out for you now?

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Dirk said...

The reason the corrupt politicians who shoved this thing through didn't tell is that they don't care about us. If they did, then they would have allowed us to purchase health insurance plans in other states other than where we live like we can a car.

It will be interesting to see what the financial payoffs are for this & you know there have to be some big ones, especially since they all know they resigned their jobs by pushing this through effective November 2010.