Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reagan Debates Obama

Capitalism v. Socialism

A Word To Our Readers ....

I'm sure many of you have noticed by now that I haven't been updating the blog as regularly as I used to, and it's been nearly three weeks since our last update.  Certainly Obama and the Democrats have given me much to write about and there hasn't been a lack of material or thought to post from their kamikaze mission to pass "Health Care Reform", their continuing to ignore the economy as more and more American's lose their jobs (but hey, "only 36,000" lost their jobs last month!) and Al-Qaeda's increasing attempts to attack our country, the latest involving "Jihad Jane."

This administration has become a joke, really it has.  More and more American's are speaking out against Obama, the Democrats, Republican's and the fact that our Government is going directly against the will of the American People.  Obama's and the Congress' ratings are at all time historic lows, and that's as it should be with what these bozo's in Washington DC are doing.

It almost makes me feel as if "my job is done here.." but I know it isn't and there is more work to do.  I intend to continue that work soon.

I hesitate to post this because I know my detractors will react with glee but the reality is I've been unable to keep up with the blog and many other things in my life that have required my attention (such as my job, family and other obligations) due to an illness that has hit me, and is going to take some time to recover from.

I don't want to disclose what that illness is other than to say it isn't life threatening, a mental illness, a drug or alcohol addition issue and I haven't gone "Tiger Woods."  I've been under Doctor's care the last three weeks and am starting to recover.  My Doctors expect it may take as long as another month or two of treatment for life to return to normal, or at least "normal" for me.

The reason I am posting this is because I didn't want my readers to think I've "abandoned" the blog.  I haven't.  I have way too much invested in all the research and articles that have been posted on this Obamanation of a President over the last two years to simply walk away from it.

As I recover from this illness and my energy levels come back up, I will be resuming posting on the blog on a more regular basis.  My plan is to start posting every other day for the time being, and again daily in the near future.

I'm also happy to post articles and thoughts from my readers up on the blog for those interested in submitting commentary.  Click here to send them via email. 

In closing I wanted to say I appreciate those of you who've patronized this blog over the last few years and I hope you'll continue to stop by for updates every now and then. 

In the words of the late General McArthur: I shall return.

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