Thursday, June 28, 2012

Prediction: US Supreme Court Strikes Individual Mandate

Leaves ObamaCare Taxes In Place

With about an hour to go before the US Supreme Court issues their ruling on ObamaCare, here’s my prediction for how the court will rule.

Individual Mandate: Un-Constitutional.  Justice Breyer will side with the Conservatives on the Court striking down the Individual Mandate.  One only need look at the transcripts and read Justice Breyer’s questions and statements to see he’s very uncomfortable with Congress dictating products individual citizens must buy.  Breyer was first to ask “if Congress can mandate this, where does Congress’ power stop?”  The fact Breyer asked the question and according to the transcript voiced his disagreement with the answer leads me to believe Breyer will side with the Conservatives on the court.

ObamaCare Taxes.  Constitutional.  Congress has the power and authority to issue taxes and that is not a power that the US Supreme Court has ever overturned, or given any indications that it will over turn.

The bottom line here folks is that once again we the People are screwed by the 2006 through 2010 Democrat Controlled Congress’ who passed hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes in the name of “ObamaCare” and no Congress present or future will un-do those taxes.  This government at every level is addicted to the money in our wallets, and they’ll get it one way or another.

Bring on the revolution!


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