Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NATO G8 Summit in Chicago Update

To my friends and family:

As many of you know, I work in what is called the "red zone" in Chicago's South Loop area, otherwise known as the Financial District. Yesterday when I arrived at work there were heavily armed Federal "Guards" outside the building I work in, a heavy Chicago Police presence, a helicopter flying overhead and I swear I saw a sniper on one rooftop from my office window. (I took a picture of that, but think better of posting it.)

None of this comforts me or makes me feel any safer. In fact, quite the opposite. The escalation of heavily armed guard and police presence is very disconcerting. As the original Mayor Daley the 1st once said: "The policeman isn't here to create disorder, the policeman is here to preserve disorder!" I believe that.

If I suddenly disappear, I was either caught up in the riots and thrown in jail along with these hoodlums/idiots/communists that are protesting, trampled to death in the ensuing riots, or shot by some ill-trained heavily armed Federal Agent or trigger-happy Chicago Cop.

All I want to do is go to work and come home in peace every day. None of the actors described above is allowing me to do that. If I suddenly disappear, rest assured one of the three things above happened to me. Therefore, finding me should be easy: Look in one of the following jails: Cook County, Will County, Statesville. If I'm not found there, I'll likely be in the Cook County Morgue, stacked up with the other bodies that they don't have room for. With my luck, I'll be on the bottom of the last pile someone looks in.

I bid you all Adieu.

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