Friday, May 18, 2012


This just breaking now in Chicago and is being reported on several local TV Stations and WLS-AM Talk Radio:

Occupy Chicago was raided early this morning based on a tip that the group was planning violence to kick off the NATO summit in Chicago. 

Gee, no surprise there.

Occupy Chicago leaders are claiming that the police found “beer making materials” and that no one was arrested.

Chicago Police Chief Gary McCarthy appeared on WLS-AM this morning, the “Don and Roma” show and outright scoffed at the suggestion that “Occupy Chicago” members were arrested for having “beer making materials.” 

There have been numerous arrests at the “Occupy Chicago” location this morning, located in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.  We’re sure of one thing: they weren’t arrested for having “beer making materials” since such items are sold openly in liquor stores, gift stores, and often in several Whole Foods and Trader Jack’s stores across the Chicago area.  “Beer making materials” aren’t illegal.  Making molotov cocktails and having those components in one’s possession however, is.

More on this story as it develops.

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