Thursday, May 3, 2012

Media Fawning While Country Rots

It just sickens me that the lamestream media is fawning all over the "Obama's first love" story while the country rots.

What sickens me further are those who further this story in their daily discussions.  Doesn't this country have some serious, substantial issues to talk about other than Obama's first girlfriend?

How about the near $6 TRILLION dollars in debt he's incurred, more than the total debt incurred during the first 221 years of this country?

The ObamaCare failure anyone?  We're less than 30 days from the Supreme Court throwing out this "President's" signature legislation.  No other President in the history of this country has suffered such a legislative setback by having their own legislation declared Un-Constitutional.

Don't we still have a deficit problem exceeding $1.3 TRILLION dollars annually?

How about persistently high unemployment, at it's highest rate for the longest period of time, exceeding that of the Great Depression!

And what about Obama's economic policies which have furthered the great recession?  This "President" has meddled in and screwed up everything from economic development and growth to energy.  Here in Illinois alone, three coal-fired power plants that service more than 300,000 homes are being shut down in June and there's no "spare capacity" elsewhere in the state to pick up the slack.

I can easily list another 10-20 serious issues this country faces, yet the lamestream media is successfully diverting the attention of what we here in Illinois call "low information voters" away from these important and Obama's failed policies all in the name of protecting Obama from himself.

It sickens me. 

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