Tuesday, March 6, 2012

G8 Moved From Chicago to Camp David

So Much For Democrat "Empathy" With Occupy Message

Allow me to be one of the first anti-Occupy blogger to express my extreme disappointment that the G8 Summit has been moved out of Chicago, to Camp David where "World Leaders" will be far, far out of reach of a bunch of screaming anarchist nut-bags hell bent on rioting and causing damage in downtown Chicago.

I'd just stocked up with fresh ammo for my daily commutes into the city and was so looking forward to helping the Chicago Police with "crowd control."

Oh well, there's always NATO.  See you there, "Occupy."

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Anonymous said...

The reason why.....Obama not quite ready to declare marshal law......He needs a little more time to get all of the radicals in place and doesn't yet want the world to see where the occupy movement is headed.
Look to august and September as the dates when he will give the order to get violent. No need to give the world a preview ...not yet