Wednesday, March 7, 2012

G-AINT: Why Obama Moved Conference From Chicago To Camp David

Ignore Media Spin - Here's Why G8 Was Moved

Reason #1: Chicago Police were completely un-prepared.  So much so, that it was only two weeks ago upgrades to riot gear were finally ordered.   Problem: The gear couldn't be delivered until mid-June, after the G8/NATO conference.

Reason #2: Chicago Police were counting on "participation" from Suburban and Downstate police to boost their numbers in the city during the G8/NATO conference.  Problem: Suburban police departments refused to commit resources to Chicago.  The city is so broke, it couldn't re-imburse Suburban police departments for their incurring the additional expense and Suburban political leaders didn't want their own villages and towns "exposed" with lack of Police coverage during the G8/NATO conference.

Reason #3: Obama saw how un-prepared Chicago is, and didn't want to risk major riots during an ECONOMIC CONFERENCE in his "hometown" of Chicago.   Anyone following social media and the Chicago Police "anonymous" blogs is watching the makings of the biggest civil unrest since the 1968 Democrat Convention riots in Chicago unfold before their very eyes.

Further, since the announcement that G8 has been moved to Camp David every anarchist and left wing group that was planning on coming has announced their boosting their numbers to go to Chicago and send an even bigger message to Obama.  Some of these left wing websites such as the SEIU, Communist Party USA, Socialist Party and others are openly talking about high value targets in the city to "occupy" or take-out (read that: cause damage.)

Making matters still worse are the publicly available, anonymous Chicago Police blogs where officers are openly talking about refusing to work overtime and expressing concerns over their ability to protect themselves and their families in the event full civil unrest breaks out - as promised by the "Occupy" movement and the extreme left-wing groups that are joining them.

While the "Occupy" movement initially claimed victory that they "forced" the G8 conference to be moved, the reality that their "message" will not be heard by "world economic leaders" due to the move is slowly sinking in and it's making them very angry.  There's simply no way these protesters will get within 10 miles of the G8 conference now that it's been moved to Camp David, and their only option now is to up the ante during the NATO summit, currently still scheduled to be held in Chicago in May.

I for one hope they burn Chicago down, when they do they'll be handing the election in November to Anyone But Obama.  It happened in 1968, it'll happen again.

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Anonymous said...

Nailed it! Can't have riots in the streets of Chicago showing how bad the economy really is during the G8 economic summit now can we?