Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Trillion Dollars Wasted

There’s No Such Thing As “Shovel Ready Jobs”

During an interview with the The New York Times earlier this week, Obama finally admitted he lied when he told the American people earlier this year that the Economic “Stimulus” would be used to pay for “shovel ready jobs.”

What else has this lying piece of crap that sits in our White House knowingly LIED about since taking office?


How about health care costs going up instead of down?

Remember, Obama Said Health Care Costs Would Go Down Under Obama-Care?

A Government Report by the Chief Medicare Actuary Richard S. Foster showed that after a detailed, rigorous analysis of ObamaCare, health care costs would actually RISE, and that projected Government spending on Health Care would be $311 BILLION more than previously projected and passed by the ObamaCare legislation.

Yes, that’s right – the Obama Administration LIED, deliberately misleading the public on the true cost of ObamaCare.  As we now know, the true cost of the bill is far north of the $1 Trillion cost estimated and is nearing $1.5 TRILLION as more detailed estimates come in.

Obama Continues To Spend Money We Do Not Have

In yet another SOP to the Government and Private sector Unions that helped him fraudulently win office, Obama just spent another $55 BILLION dollars in Union bailouts for transportation infrastructure “shovel ready” jobs.  Oops, there’s that “shovel ready” term again.

55% of the American People oppose another “Economic Stimulus” plan according to a recent Rasmussen Poll.  But that’s apparently not going to stop the annointed one from spending money we don’t have, and continuing to ignore the will of the American people.

Obama Justice Department Led By Eric Holder Announces Plea Deal in Guantanamo Case

In what can only be an insult to those who serve honorably in our Military, the Justice Department announced a plea deal to keep a Canadian born muslim terrorist that was captured in Afghanistan after a brutal firefight in Guantanamo for another 8 years.

The Al-Qaeda terrorist, Canadian born Omar Khadr could be free as soon as 2018 as his lawyers continue to negotiate with the Obama Administration’s Justice Department.

"Knowing the facts of the case, I would think your average American would be disappointed that somebody who had demonstrated the capacity and the willingness to kill American soldiers would get a mere eight years," he said in a phone interview. "That seems short to me."

Morris was blinded in his right eye during the assault on the militant stronghold in which Speer was killed. He said he doesn't seek a longer sentence out of vengeance but for the sake of his comrade's family and because he believes Khadr, now 24, remains a danger to the U.S. It wouldn't matter to him whether Khadr serves prison time in Guantanamo, Canada or somewhere in the U.S.

Frankly speaking here, none of these terrorists should be in Guantanamo today.  The should’ve all been shot and left for dead on the battlefield.  At least that way, none of this anti-Military bullshit would be happening today.  It’s patently absurd and un-American to allow terrorists to go free period after acting as enemy combatants and terrorists against the United States of America an our honorable Military.

Do we need more proof that Obama and his Justice Department led by Eric Holder hate America?

Bill OReilly Was Right: Muslims Killed Us on   9-11

In case you’ve been living in a cave, here’s the clip that everyone’s been talking about:

Now my personal note to Bill OReilly: Never Apologize for telling the truth.  The fact is, MUSLIMS committed an act of TERRORISM, some would say an ACT OF WAR on September 11th, 2001. 

I say it was an act of war, which should have been followed with appropriate response, decimating the country of Afghanistan and any country that harbored Al-Qaeda, but I digress.

OReilly’s point that MUSLIMS attacked us on that day was exactly correct.  To argue “Extremist” Muslim or “Moderate” Muslim is besides the point.  Why?  Simple.

Extremist Muslims were the ones that committed the act of war, flying planes into the WTC, Pentagon, before being stopped in Shanksville, Pennsylvania by the brave passengers on board.

So-called “Moderate” muslims were the ones dancing in the streets at the news of the attacks.  Some of those “Moderate” muslims were dancing in the streets a stones throw from this writers home.  We saw it first hand, on the local news, and pictures of it in the local paper.

Yes Mr. OReilly, MUSLIMS did attack us on September 11th, 2001 and to try and point out the miniscule difference between the Extremists that directly attacked us versus the “Moderates” who celebrated on America’s streets upon learning of the attacks makes no difference.  MUSLIMS attacked us, period.  By their actions, they are ALL guilty.

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Dirk said...

Our open enrollment for insurance renewal is underway here in Georgia, and I have it in writing in a newsletter that the reason our health insurance premiums are rising as of Jan 1, 2011 is because of ObamaCare. The specific reason is the increase in age eligibility for dependent children to be insured mandated by ObamaCare from age 19 to 26.

I was also very dismayed at O'Reilly apologizing for what he said. This has been a major problem with conservatives. Tell the truth, expose the left, the left gets mad, apologize & "clarify". Never apologize for telling the truth. Right is right.