Monday, October 11, 2010

Democrats Plan Final Legislative Assault on America

Lame Duck Session To Be Anything But

If we thought that simply winning in November and taking back both houses of Congress was going to stop the race towards Socialism, we’d best think again.

The Democrat-Socialist led Congress is quietly planning its final legislative assault on our freedoms, one last power grab by the Federal Government to control more of our daily lives.

More Nanny State Government.  Former Illinois RepublicanTransportation Secretary Ray LaHood Congressman, now Obama Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood wants to ban all cellphone usage – even hands-free.  To implement this ‘ban’, LaHood wants to require all car manufacturers to somehow detect when a driver is “distracted.”  LaHood also wants a ban on all hands-free communications technologies such as Ford’s “SYNC” which attracts younger buyers to its brand.

LaHood may not get his ban legislatively, but via Executive Fiat from the Obama Administration?  Remember stroke of the pen, law of the land.  Kinda cool ain’t it?  Watch for Obama to implement Clinton’s strategy of issuing one Executive Order after another here. 

More Taxes.  Now that the EU has extorted the major airlines into paying a Carbon Tax to land in the Euro-Zone to fight “climate change” look for the United States to do the same thing.  Foreign airlines were threatened with flight restrictions and landing bans beginning in 2012 in the Europen Union if they did not “participate” in carbon emissions trading, or what’s commonly known to us in the United States as higher government taxes.  As we know, all costs of doing business are ultimately passed onto the end consumer, in this case the vacationer or business traveler.  Should the United States implement such a scheme, it would decimate the Airlines industry here.  As the law in the EU stands today, look for major airlines to dramatically hike their rates to fly to the Euro-Zone, or limit flights altogether.  American ingenuity being what it is, I suspect WebEx is going to get alot more use for business meetings between companies in the U.S. and EU and vacations to the EU will be cancelled to avoid the increased prices and taxes altogether.

Remember, if you want less of something, tax it more.  That’s precisely what the EU and soon the United States government are doing.

Forget The Bush Tax Cuts.  Even if they are extended, it’ll likely be only for those making less than $250k/year and is still going to kill small businesses.

Now here’s the part no one’s talking about: If you think the extensionobamacare of the Bush Tax Cuts for those making under $250k are true tax cuts, think again.  Obama’s already effectively eliminated any relief they’d provide via new payroll taxes on your health care plan, capping flexible spending accounts at $2,500 per year (which impacts those with chronic illnesses and “special needs kids” the hardest), new taxes on medical devices that cost over $100, raised the deduction for itemized medical expenses to 10% of gross income from 7.5%, a special “Blue Cross/Shield” tax which will cause rates for BC/BS customers to skyrocket, new taxes on Charitable Hospitals, new taxes on Drug Companies that invent new medications, the elimination of the tax deduction for employer-provided retirement drug coverage (which screws Medicare Part D participants) and a new ten billion dollar tax on all Health Insurance providers, which will again cause rates to go up for consumers.

Forced Unionization.  Senator Tom Harkin (D. Iowa) has developed a strategy to pass the individual components of the Card Check Bill, rather than the entire bill itself, as a way to slip the bill through the Senate virtually unnoticed. 

Under the proposed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), if the NLRB verifies that over 50% of the employees signed authorization cards, the secret ballot election is bypassed and a union is automatically formed.

The fact is, the Employee Free Choice Act is anything but.  It does the precise opposite by removing the one freedom those about to be “organized” against their will had to stop the process – a secret ballot.  Eliminating the secret ballot means that union “organizers” (I prefer the name thugs) will be able to actively target those who are against the union and either bully them into submission or out of a job.  Last I looked, that is not the American way.

The message here should be clear: it’s not enough to vote November 2nd and throw the Socialist bastards out of office.  There needs to be an intense scrutiny and spotlight on the Lame Duck Congress to prevent them from doing further damage to America.

I don’t know about you, but after the revolution at the Ballot Box, I’m preparing for the Second American Revolution that’s sure to come if these desperate Democrat-Socialists in their last ditch attempt to destroy America vote on anything after the election.

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