Sunday, October 24, 2010

CBS’ 60 Minutes: Unemployment 17.5%

Has The Liberal Lamestream Media Finally Turned on Obama?

This evening on CBS’ 60 Minutes, the lid was finally blown off the real unemployment numbers in this country by at least one of the four members of the Government’s Fifth Column – the lamestream media.

Real Unemployment in this country is actually at 17.5% according to CBS’ 60 Minutes program.  In their report, they showed people with Bachelors, Masters and PHD’s that have been unemployed in this country for two years and longer.

Some were living on friends couches.  Others were living in cars (either their own or ones that had been abandoned) and office buildings that were now empty but once bustled with activity.

CBS had the audacity to show this with 9 days to go before the mid-term elections, which are already promising a historic revolution in the House and Senate by the voters.

“Recovery Summer” has proven to be anything but, with more than 700,000 American’s losing their jobs between May and September.  Families are being financially devastated, and some fear they’ll never be able to retire.

Folks, the sad reality is this: We are in Great Depression territory with high unemployment that shows no signs of abating.  If this is the “new economy” then it’s time for the revolution at the ballot box and throw every single politician that voted for ObamaCare, TARP, “Stimulus” spending and more right out of office on their sorry asses.

Remember on November 2nd.  These people are counting on us.

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Dirk said...

You are exactly right. The only way to stop this mess is to get out & vote them out. The Republicans stand to gain a majority in the House in the mid-terms, but if they don't start standing up, stop trying to make the Democrats happy & compromising, they may see their majority go right out the window in 2012.

When there's a major change in the majority party, it's not really about that party that gains control. The people are trying to send a message to stop business as usual in Washington & work for the people. This is a message that hasn't been understood by the Washington set yet.