Friday, December 10, 2010

Republicans: Vote NO On Tax Deal Compromise

Democrats Demonstrate Once Again Why Voters Rebuffed Them

Democrats in Congress have now so polluted the tax extention compromise that Republicans should now vote against the deal made with Obama earlier this week.

By extending unemployment benefits another 13 months creating another welfare program and extending the "Obama tax cuts" which do nothing but re-distribute wealth to the lazy class in this country, the net effect to our economy will be to simply extend the economic misery of the last two years.  Simply stated, all we're doing is prolonging the economic agony and uncertainty another two years until the next election cycle.

So here's my suggestion to the Republican Party, if they have the backbone to take it: vote NO on the Bush tax-cut extensions, and let the Democrats go down in flames in the waning days of this Congress.  They're already in self-destruct mode, give them the rest of the rope they need to fully hang themselves.

In voting NO on the tax cut compromise, the message to the American people, and the Tea Party is simple: Democrats have once again demonstrated why they were voted out of power in the House, and their margins minimalized in the Senate.  Democrats once again have polluted a piece of legislation designed to help the American people of all income levels in this time of economic distress by loading up the bill with pork and special spending for their political interests. 

Rather than pass this piece of crap bill, Republicans should tell the American people that they will wait until the next Congress to pass a permanent, clean tax-bill that will benefit all Americans and small businesses.  Then, walk off the podium and leave town until the next Congress.

The internal destruction of the Democrat party that would be sure to follow will cement in the voters minds for the next election just who was responsible for this mess, the Democrats.  They've had the last two years with super-majorities in both houses to deal with this problem, to push it off to the lame duck session and try to blame Republicans for their own failure is laughable on its face, and transparent for all to see.

Republicans, do you have the testicular fortitude to take my advice?

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