Saturday, December 11, 2010

Clinton To The Rescue!

“Help Me Daddy, Please!”

Here we have yet another Presidential first, thanks to the most inexperienced person ever to be elected to the White House, Barack Hussein (“Barry Soetoro”) Obama.

And now, he’s officially a Lame Duck President.

As I watched Obama literally turn this press conference over to Clinton yesterday and “excuse himself” I couldn’t help but think Obama was begging for help from big daddy Clinton.

Literally, Obama couldn’t excuse himself fast enough and the liberal lamestream media, not skipping a beat, addressed Clinton as “Mr. President” as if he were still President!

Clinton “President For The Day” December 10th, 2010

When has this ever happened before in the history of this country?

The answer: NEVER.

Every day Barack Hussein (“Barry Soetoro”) Obama diminishes the office of the President.  I can only wonder when it’ll be Jimmy Carter’s turn next.

Here’s a question: Who looked more Presidential, Obama or Clinton?  I think Clinton did.  He was certainly more engaged over the topic than Obama has been.  That was clearly evident.

For Obama’s part, well, his Yeti Wife was waiting so he had to abandon his responsibilities and give the dirty work to someone else who at least has some experience on cleaning up messes.  Clearly the incumbent is a complete buffoon at best, and an incompetent moron at worst.

It’s an embarrassment to those of us in the U.S. that this petulant two-year old child-like “President” behaves like this.  Moreso, it should be an embarrassment to anyone who voted for this jackass.

No wonder this country sinks lower and lower every day and becomes more and more of a laughing stock.

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Anonymous said...

Heres' the question you're not asking: what are the TERRORISTS thinking right now? Obama clearly isn't up for the job, he admitted as much by calling in the "reserve President" Bill Clinton!

Expect that the terrorists are mustering up whatever bombs and schemes they have left and are going to be attacking us pretty quickly. After all, what's Obama going to do to them? Treat them like common criminals the way Eric Holder wants to do?

Obama's a joke, always has been, always will be. The most incompetent person to ever sit in the White House, period.

Anyone who voted for this jerkwad should be shot and removed from the gene pool. That kind of stupidity shouldn't be allowed to procreate.