Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rep. Don Manzullo Questioning Bailout Czar Neel Kashkari

Now this is a real butt-chewing out.  As a resident of the People's Socialist RepubliK of Illannoyed I'm glad to finally see a non-crooked politician from our state.  Lord knows from Obummer to Blagojevich, we've had enough ridicule.

The whole bailout issue whether it's banking, the auto industry, AIG, the rest of the Insurance Industry or whatever industry is going to come crawling to the Government for US Taxpayer dollars isn't a Republican or Democrat issue.  It's not about Obama, nor is it about Bush.  Both parties and both Presidents are the same side of the same coin on this issue. 

This issue is about the Elite Political Ruling Class and their willing cohorts in the left-wing media, Wall Street, US Automakers and the UAW and the fat, lazy gubbermint chese eating welfare sloths and those who live irresponsibly vs. You and I the American People.

Once you our reader understand that simple point, then perhaps those of us who pay the bills in this country can begin taking back the power that Washington DC has seized over decades of American Voter apathy.

This country is rapidly running out of time.  With the exception of perhaps Rep. Don Manzullo (R. Rockford, IL) the dirty rotten filthy bastards currently infesting Washington DC are doing their level best to bankrupt this country and seize whatever remaining power is left once we are all on our knees, economically speaking.

I think Rep. Donald Manzullo gets it.  What about you?

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