Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama Seeking Power To Search Laptops, PC's, Media Devices, Media Anytime The Federal Government Wants

When President Bush announced that the Government would listen to KNOWN TERRORISTS that were making phone calls into and out of the United States, Liberals, the Mainstream Media, the ACLU and other liberal "watchdogs" went apeshit.  They claimed it was an invasion of privacy, and jeopardized every American's rights.

Here we have the Obama Administration wanting to pass a law that would enable the Federal Government to search your personal computer, laptop, media devices and media.

The Obama Administration doesn't want to have a reason, they simply want the capability to search and seize material on your computer anytime they want.   You will be searched without warning.

Where is the outrage, and why is this NOT being reported in the United States media?

Surely the Founding Fathers would've revolted against this Government long ago.  This isn't even Socialism anymore.  This is MARXISM.

This isn't about stopping "illegal file sharing" at all.  This is about the Federal Government stripping away our rights, privacy and freedoms at every turn. 

This is the "Change" Obama voters wanted?  You better believe it is.

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RIVER Organization Christian Church said...

Great post. Every day we lose more freedom and if something isn't done soon, the American flag will come down and the Nazi flag will go up and that soon after will be replaced by the hammer and sickle.

China has been caught doing the same hacking computers in a number of countries.

Bush was guilty of stripping American privacy rights and Obama is guilty too.

By the way, in comment to your bar on the right, Nevada is currently at 10.1% unemployment rate, Vets are over 11% and homelessness has increased dramatically. Those who are not collecting unemployment or whose unemployment has run out are not counted so the actual figures are much, much higher.

Keep writing and speaking out. Great blog.

God Bless.