Friday, February 20, 2009

Obama Backing $1,000,000 Insurance Requirement For Gun Owners in Illinois

Trial Balloon For Rest of Country

I have to confess, today I just lost it.  As I was reading through a thread about Obama backing a bill in the Illinois State Legislature which would require all Illinois Residents who have a Firearms Owners ID Card to carry $1,000,000 in liability insurance on one of my favorite websites I ran across the following response from a poster named "exist" on this thread and I just couldn't help myself in going ballistic:

From a poster on FreeRepublic.Com : If he goes through with this Obama should be impeached. 

That's the best ya got?  Impeached????

It's long past time to tar, feather and hang the bastards IMO.

Every day for as long as I can remember, these bastards in Washington D.C. (whether they're R's or D's, it don't matter..) work to find new ways to make every day citizens like you and I criminals just so they can subdue the American population.

Don't believe me?  How about traffic camera's?  Cross that white line just a little at an intersection with one of those things here in Illinois and it's a minimum $250 ticket.

Just today, Chicago's Mayor Daley vowed to have a surveillance camera on every street corner in the city by 2016.

Then there's the Firearm's Owners ID cards here in the People's Socialist RepubliK of Illannoyed. If you don't have one and are caught with a gun in your home, you're a felon.  (Well, I guess I'm a felon since the State of Illinois is well past their 30 day renewal period for my FOID card, and I still have my guns!)  The State can break the law and fail to re-issue my card in a timely manner, and make me a FELON.  How's that for size?

We have a Secretary of the Treasury who doesn't pay his taxes, or pay them on time, along with a HHS candidate (Tiny Tommy Daschle) who had the same problem, but if you or I fail to file and pay on time, we're off to jail thanks to the thugocracy at the Internal Revenue Service.

Drive without insurance and get pulled over?  Guess what, you're off to jail.

And the list goes on, and on, and on.

Now these dirty filthy rotten SOB's have STOLEN not just my hard earned tax dollars, but those of my children and likely grandchildren (who I don't even HAVE any of yet) because the ASSHOLE in the White House decided that it was time for stealth reparations and legalized the THEFT of the money out of our pockets, bank accounts, investment accounts, the stock market, etc.. to pay for his economic screw-the-rest-of-us bill which does nothing more than transfer the money from our pockets to his "core constituency" and advances the Democrat/Socialist agenda.


My frustration here isn't new with the Obama administration.  Far from it.  The Bush Administration expanded the hell out of welfare with 'free drugs for seniors" and other liberal/socialist programs, and so did the Clinton Administration.  My frustration runs long and deep against this Government.

When the bloody hell is the revolution?  I've had enough, people around me have had enough, people on here seem to have had enough, hell, even CNBC Commentator Rick Santelli has had enough!

When the bloody hell does the revolution actually start for crying out loud?!!!

And I mean a real revolution.  It's clear to most right-thinking, clear-headed people that the ballot box doesn't work anymore.  Our Founding Fathers have got to be spinning 300mph in their graves at what this country has become.  

Are we that soft as a nation that we no longer value our freedoms and want to fight for them?

On another thread yesterday, it was suggested that Iran has enough refined nuclear material to make a bomb, and that some terrorist organization (oh, say Al-Qaeda) could get their hands on it and bomb a major city in the US with it.

Many on that thread seemed to take some satisfaction in thinking that perhaps Al-Qaeda would bomb D.C. and our problems would be solved.

Why leave the job to Al-Qaeda?  Don't we as freedom loving red-blooded American's value our freedom enough to do the job ourselves?!  Why give a victory to Al-Qaeda for cleaning up that long-standing cesspool of a mess called Washington DC when we as American's have the God given RIGHT and DUTY by our Founding Fathers to take care of the problem ourselves?

When is the damn' revolution and when are the damn' sheeple going to wake the hell up?!


Anonymous said...

Will you step up and lead this revolution or sit in the back ground like most and whine and snivel? the radical talk of a revolution does nothing more then send a signal that you have no back bone to change what needs changing in America. The paranoid delusion that we as a nation will stand up and fight is simply nuts, half of America can barely stand from obesity let alone to take on a revolution stance get real writer you lack the real sense of leadership in this article.

Anonymous said...

Wow, aren't you the prick?