Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama Shows His Colors on First Full Day

An Ultra-Left Wing Liberal From The Start

During the waning days of the Presidential Campaign as the American economy began to unravel, Barack Hussein Obama promised all Americans that were "hurting" because of the economy that he would focus first on their needs, presumably to "fix" the economy.

During his first full day in office however, Obama chose a completely different set of priorities as he now seeks to 'pay off' his supporters and begins his re-election bid for 2012.obama-fraud

And we thought a 2 year campaign was long?  Hang onto your hats folks.  This is going to be ugly.

Obama's first action was to announce repealing "Don't Ask/Don't Tell" forcing our military to accept open homosexuals into their ranks.  Score one for the homosexual lobby.

Second, Obama announced at 12:04pm on the Whitehouse.Gov website that he is now for full "gay rights" including all federal benefits, legal protections and civil unions.  This is a complete 180 from his campaign stance.  Score two for the homosexual lobby.

Third, Obama announced a new ban on all offshore drilling for our  own oil.  If you loved $4.50/gallon gas during the summer of 2008, just wait.  Score one for the Environmental-Whacko's and the Islamists as well, as they'll reap the benefits of higher cost of oil as a result.

Fourth, Obama then went on to announce a ban on oil shale development in the Western United States.  This not only increases our dependence on foreign oil/energy sources, it kills American jobs, drives the cost of oil and gasoline higher, and is a "tax" on Americans in the form of higher energy prices. Score another win for the Environmental Whacko's and Islamofascists, who control more than 60% of the worlds oil.

Today, Obama announced via executive order that Club Gitmo will be closed one year from today, yet there is NO PLAN for what will happen to the detainees, notably Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the 9-11-01 attacks who was about to go on trial in a military court!  Yep, Obama stopped the trial too.  Score another for the Islamofascists that want to kill us all.

Thank you Obama Voters, for bringing us "Change."   You're going to get us all killed.

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