Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama Sends Man Linked To Terror Groups And George Soros to Negotiate With Egypt & Syria

Talk about making a big mistake - and he's not even President yet, Obama sends one of his advisors, Robert Malley to Syria with a George Soros funded group. 

It has been clamed by the Egyptians that Malley was working as animage advance man which angered American Ally, Israel because six months earlier Malley announced that he had held "regular meetings" with US identified terrorist group, Hamas. 

At that time Malley's comment caused the Obama campaign to distance themselves from any connection with Malley, but with the election over it now appears that Obama's claims that Malley didn't really work for him aren't true.  It also seems that we already have the very first example of Obama sticking his finger in the eye of our allies in Israel. Naturally, the U.S. press is not reporting this news as they're completely in the tank for Obama.

Read the full story here.

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