Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Germany's Hangover - The Thrill is Gone

Much has been made of Barak Hussein Obama's "Foreign Experience World-Tour" compliments of the American Taxpayer and his speech in front of Germany's trip to Germany and the overwhelming "success" of his speech in Berlin in front of more than 200,000 Germans, in which he spoke of Europe's responsibilities.

Just to recap bobama_berlin_rallyefore I get to my main point, Barak Hussein Obama gave a speech in Berlin in front of a crowd estimated at more than 200,000 Germans.  What has not been reported in the American media (but has been reported elsewhere) is that Obama was not the main draw for the day!  Der Spiegel Online reported that a free concert featuring two of Germany's most popular bands, reggae artist Patrice and rock band Reamonn were scheduled to perform that day, in that venue. 

So here we are several days removed from a fake, setup "speech" in front of a bunch of concert goers who were not there primarily to see Obama and we learn that Germany now has an Obama sized hangover.

It seems that the same German politicians that were drunk with Obama-mania have sobered up to the reality of what Obama actually said in his speech. During his speech in front of 200,000 drunk German's, Obama declared that more NATO troops were needed in Afghanistan to allow the U.S. to cut it's presence.  The "billions of dollars" the U.S. would save he told CNN News on Friday, 7/25 could "finance lower taxes for middle class families in the United States."

Dieter Niebel, the Secretary General of the German Free Democrats (the opposition party to Chancellor Angela Merkel) responded to Obama by saying "Under no circumstances will the German taxpayer pay with more money and more troops for Afghanistan for tax cuts in the U.S."

Welcome to George Bush's world, Mr. Obama.

Obama has lived under the myth that once George Bush is out of office, that the rest of the world will simply rush to his (Obama's) side once he's elected President to share more of the burden of the War on Terror. 

Another Obama myth shattered. Simply because his Greatness, Barak Hussein Obama declares it doesn't mean it's true. 

Erwin Huber, chairman of the center-right Christian Social Union of Bavaria, called Mr. Obama's statement "a disappointment for Europe and Germany." Mr. Huber, who belongs to the sister party of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats, also said that "it is the opposite of solidarity and partnership when one side is to make more sacrifices and the other gains an advantage from it."

Translation: Go piss up a rope, Obama.  Germany has been getting a free ride from the U.S. in the War on Terror and it's not about to pony up now simply because the occupant of the White House has changed.  Nay, Germany will continue to live under the umbrella of protection that the United States of America has provided, and will continue to criticize just how that protection is provided.

This is the type of inexperience that 143 days in the United States Senate that would manifest itself should the most inexperienced, incompetent, unqualified person to ever run for President occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

"His disciples lead him in, and he just does the rest. That deaf, dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball."

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Obama: Tax America To Eliminate Global Poverty, Disease

If Barak Hussein Obama has his way, each and every American will begin paying more than $2,500 per person to reduce global poverty.

In a plan sponsored by Sen. Barak Hussein Obama (who is also the Democrat party nominee)  the next President of the United States would be committed to spending more than $845 billion dollars over the next 10 years to raise the global standard of living.

The bill which has already been approved by the Nancy Pelosi controlled US House of Representatives, has been introduced to the U.S. Senate as  S.2433 by none other than Obama himself.  HUGH-OBAMA-FRIENDS

The text of the proposal demands that the next President of the United States "develop and implement a policy to cut extreme global poverty in half by 2015 through direct aid, trade, debt relief and other programs."

When questioned about the bill, Obama's Senate Office noted the support for the bill offered by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, also controlled by Democrats.

Obama said "It must be a priority of American foreign policy to commit to eliminating extreme poverty and ensuring every child has food, shelter, and clean drinking water. As we strive to rebuild America's standing in the world, this important bill will demonstrate our promise and commitment to those in the developing world.

Question: If we're spending $845,000,000,000 fighting global poverty (a "war" of which we haven't won at home in America, despite more than $8 Trillion dollars in debt doing so) then where is the money coming from to rebuild America?

Included in S. 2433 sponsored by Obama are inclusions to submit the United States of America to the Kyoto Protocol, and the United Nations Millenium Development Goal, which contains a variety of treaties and protocols advocated by the Useless Nations which would submit America to the will of the U.N.

In addition to seeking to reduce global poverty by taxing American's, the bill would also commit nations (including the United States) to banning small arms and light weapons (so much for Obama's support for the second amendment!) and ratifying treaties such as the International Criminal Court Treaty, which would be able to prosecute American Soldiers for "war crimes", the Kyoto Protocol which would kill the United States Economy, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which would "enable" children as young as eight years old to decide whether or not they want to have sex.


In addition to seeking to eradicate poverty, that declaration commits nations to banning 'small arms and light weapons' and ratifying a series of treaties, including the International Criminal Court Treaty, the Kyoto Protocol (global warming treaty), the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child," he wrote.

Don't believe us?  Glen Beck of CNN exposes it all in the following clip.


He Ventured Forth To Bring Light Unto The World

The anointed one's pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a miracle in action - and a blessing to all his faithful followers

From the Times Online, July 25th.

Gerald Baker


And it came to pass, in the eighth year of the reign of the evil Bush the Younger (The Ignorant), when the whole land from the Arabian desert to the shores of the Great Lakes had been laid barren, that a Child appeared in the wilderness.

The Child was blessed in looks and intellect. Scion of a simple family, offspring of a miraculous union, grandson of a typical white person and an African peasant. And yea, as he grew, the Chilobama-christd walked in the path of righteousness, with only the occasional detour into the odd weed and a little blow.

When he was twelve years old, they found him in the temple in the City of Chicago, arguing the finer points of community organisation with the Prophet Jeremiah and the Elders. And the Elders were astonished at what they heard and said among themselves: “Verily, who is this Child that he opens our hearts and minds to the audacity of hope?”

In the great Battles of Caucus and Primary he smote the conniving Hillary, wife of the deposed King  Bill the Priapic and their barbarian hordes of Working Class Whites. 

And so it was, in the fullness of time, before the harvest month of the appointed year, the Child ventured forth - for the first time - to bring the light unto all the world.

He travelled fleet of foot and light of camel, with a small retinue that consisted only of his loyal disciples from the tribe of the Media. He ventured first to the land of the Hindu Kush, where the

Taleban had harboured the viper of al-Qaeda in their bosom, raining terror on all the world.

And the Child spake and the tribes of Nato immediately loosed the Caveats that had previously bound them. And in the great battle that ensued the forces of the light were triumphant. For as long as the Child stood with his arms raised aloft, the enemy suffered great blows and the threat of terror was no more.

From there he went forth to Mesopotamia where he was received by the great ruler al-Maliki, and al-Maliki spake unto him and blessed his Sixteen Month Troop Withdrawal Plan even as the imperial warrior Petraeus tried to destroy it.

And lo, in Mesopotamia, a miracle occurred. Even though the Great Surge of Armour that the evil Bush had ordered had been a terrible mistake, a waste of vital military resources and doomed to end in disaster, the Child's very presence suddenly brought forth a great victory for the forces of the light.

And the Persians, who saw all this and were greatly fearful, longed to speak with the Child and saw that the Child was the bringer of peace. At the mention of his name they quickly laid aside their intrigues and beat their uranium swords into civil nuclear energy ploughshares.

From there the Child went up to the city of Jerusalem, and entered through the gate seated on an ass. The crowds of network anchors who had followed him from afar cheered “Hosanna” and waved great palm fronds and strewed them at his feet.

In Jerusalem and in surrounding Palestine, the Child spake to the Hebrews and the Arabs, as the Scripture had foretold. And in an instant, the lion lay down with the lamb, and the  Israelites and Ishmaelites ended their long enmity and lived for ever after in peace.

As word spread throughout the land about the Child's wondrous works, peoples from all over flocked to hear him; Hittites and Abbasids; Obamacons and McCainiacs; Cameroonians and Blairites.

And they told of strange and wondrous things that greeted the news of the Child's journey. Around the world, global temperatures began to decline, and the ocean levels fell and the great warming was over.

cartoon-385_372291aThe Great Prophet Algore of Nobel and Oscar, who many had believed was the anointed one, smiled and told his followers that the Child was the one generations had been waiting for.

And there were other wonderful signs. In the city of the Street at the Wall, spreads on interbank interest rates dropped like manna from Heaven and rates on credit default swaps fell to the ground as dead birds from the almond tree, and the people who had lived in foreclosure were able to borrow again.

Black gold gushed from the ground at prices well below $140 per barrel. In hospitals across the land the sick were cured even though they were uninsured. And all because the Child had pronounced it.

And this is the testimony of one who speaks the truth and bears witness to the truth so that you might believe. And he knows it is the truth for he saw it all on CNN and the BBC and in the pages of The New York Times.

Then the Child ventured forth from Israel and Palestine and stepped onto the shores of the Old Continent. In the land of Queen Angela of Merkel, vast multitudes gathered to hear his voice, and he preached to them at length.

But when he had finished speaking his disciples told him the crowd was hungry, for they had had nothing to eat all the hours they had waited for him.

And so the Child told his disciples to fetch some food but all they had was five loaves and a couple of frankfurters. So he took the bread and the frankfurters and blessed them and told his disciples to feed the multitudes. And when all had eaten their fill, the scraps filled twelve baskets.

Thence he travelled west to Mount Sarkozy. Even the beauteous Princess Carla of the tribe of the Bruni was struck by awe and she was great in love with the Child, but he was tempted not.

On the Seventh Day he walked across the Channel of the Angles to the ancient land of the hooligans. There he was welcomed with open arms by the once great prophet Blair and his successor, Gordon the Leper, and his successor, David the Golden One.

And suddenly, with the men appeared the archangel Gabriel and the whole host of the heavenly choir, ranks of cherubim and seraphim, all praising God and singing: “Yes, We Can.”

Friday, July 25, 2008

Convicted Murderer Endorses Obama (And Reveals Secret Campaign Work To Overturn Death Penalty)

PARCHMAN — Before he died Wednesday evening, death row inmate Dale Leo Bishop apologized to his victim's family, thanked America and urged people to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

"For those who oppose the death penalty and want to see it end, our best bet is to vote for Barack Obama because his supporters have been working behind the scenes to end this practice," Bishop said.

Bishop, 34, was pronounced dead by lethal injection at 6:14 p.m. - the second inmate put to death in Mississippi in two months. Earl Wesley Berry, 49, was executed May 21.

The execution culminated a flurry of last-minute appeals that began late last month seeking to save Bishop's life.

A Lee County jury convicted Bishop in 2000 of participating in the murder of Marcus Gentry, who was beaten to death in December 1998 with a claw hammer. His body was found along a logging road near Saltillo.

Read more HERE.

Obama Disrespects Wounded Troops (More Fake "Morality")

136041 BERLIN (AP) - Sen. Barack Obama scrapped plans to visit wounded members of the armed forces in Germany as part of his overseas trip, a decision his spokesman said was made because the Democratic presidential candidate thought it would be inappropriate on a campaign-funded journey.

The spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said Thursday that Obama made his decision out of respect for the servicemen and women, but Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign immediately criticized the move.

"Barack Obama is wrong. It is never inappropriate to visit our men and women in the military," said Brian Rogers, a spokesman for the Republican contender.

Obama's decision raised a number of questions because the visit, which had been scheduled for Friday, never appeared on the schedule of events distributed to reporters who are accompanying him on his travels.

The first word from the campaign about its existence was Gibbs' statement.

Obama had been planning to go to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany before a flight to Paris. Gibbs said the stop was canceled because Obama decided "it would be inappropriate to make a stop to visit troops at a U.S. military facility as part of a trip funded by the campaign."

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Voter Unease With Obama Grows

A recent poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News finds an interesting dynamic between John McCain and Barak Hussein Obama. 

The survey's most striking finding: Fully half of all voters say they are focused on what kind of president Sen. Obama would be as they decide how they will vote, while only a quarter say they are focused on what kind of president Sen. McCain would be.

The challenge that presents for Sen. Obama is illustrated by a second question. When voters were asked whether they could identify with the background and values of the two candidates, 58% said they could identify with Sen. McCain on that account, while 47% said the same of Sen. Obama. More than four in 10 said the Democratic contender doesn't have values and a background they can identify with.


Read the full article at The Wall Street Journal

Obama: US Troops Must Do More Than Kill Civilians In Afghanistan

  This coming from the candidate with 143 days of actual "working experience" in the United States Senate, who's patriotism and allegiance to the United States of America we cannot question.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Barak Obama Reverses Stance On Surge in Iraq (Uh-Oh, Another Obamaflop!)

Mr. Obama has made a central basis of his candidacy the "judgment" he showed in opposing the Iraq war in 2002, even if it was a risk-free position to take as an Illinois state senator. The claim helped him win the Democratic primaries. But the 2007 surge debate is the single most important strategic judheaduphis gment he has had to make on the more serious stage as a Presidential candidate. He vocally opposed the surge, and events have since vindicated President Bush. Without the surge and a new counterinsurgency strategy, the U.S. would have suffered a humiliating defeat in Iraq.

Yet Mr. Obama now wants to ignore that judgment, and earlier this week his campaign erased from its Web site all traces of his surge opposition. Lest media amnesia set in, here is what the Obama site previously said:

"The problem – the Surge: The goal of the surge was to create space for Iraq's political leaders to reach an agreement to end Iraq's civil war. At great cost, our troops have helped reduce violence in some areas of Iraq, but even those reductions do not get us below the unsustainable levels of violence of mid-2006. Moreover, Iraq's political leaders have made no progress in resolving the political differences at the heart of their civil war."

Mr. Obama's site now puts a considerably brighter gloss on the surge. Yet the candidate himself shows no signs of rethinking.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Like High Gas Prices? Thank Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and of course Barak Obama.

Let's acknowledge a few facts here as campaign season gears up, shall we?

Since Barak Obama entered the United States Senate, and the Democrats took control of the US Congress (both the House and Senate) gas prices have more than DOUBLED.  We enter into evidence, exhibit #1 - which shows none other than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi standing in front of a Shell gas station in Northern California.  Note the gas prices behind her which read:  $4.55 Regular, $4.67 Plus, $4.79 for V-Power (Premium) and a shockingly high $5.12 for Diesel fuel.

pelosi high gas prices When did any American ever think they'd be paying more than $4/gallon for gas?  Well, thanks to a Democrat Controlled Congress and Democrat Presidential hopeful Barak Hussein Obama, we no longer have to think about it, because we are!

To prove our point, we now enter into evidence exhibit #2 - which shows gas prices under President Bush and the Republican Controlled Congress, up to 2006.  In the following chart, we see that gas prices on a national average, were about $2 per gallon.  In some parts of the country where gasoline taxes are exhorbitantly high such as California and Illinois, the averag6rhp8ve was above the national, but still, they were comparatively cheap until the Democrats took control of the House and Senate in February, 2007. 

The increase in fuel prices for the first six years of the Bush Presidency totaled sixty-six cents (.66) per gallon.  For the average driver with a 20 gallon fuel tank, that amounted to a total of about $12 increase in the cost of filling one's gas tank.

Fast forward to today.  That same 20 gallon fuel tank now costs  eighty-three dollars ($83) for a net impact of $42 per tank, per family!

When Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid tell you that the Bush Presidency is a "failure" ask yourself this question: Are you better off now than you were less than two (2) years ago today? A quick examination of $42/fill up under President Bush and the Republican Controlled Congress, vs. $83/fill up under a Democrat Controlled Congress yields the obvious answer: HELL NO!!

But if you happen to like gas prices, by all means go ahead and thank the Democrats and Barak Obama.  Keep re-electing the Nancy Pelosi Democrats including Barak Obama and you have no right to complain when the pain at the gas pump and in the grocery aisles of the country gets worse.

Barak Obama has one word for you: SUCKERS!!

Like high gas prices?  Thank Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Do-Nothing Democrat Congress.  After all, here's their energy plan.



Saturday, July 19, 2008

Barak Obama's "Change" (Democrat Congress Wants To Hike Gas Taxes!)

WASHINGTON —  The political vision of a summer gas tax holiday died a quick death in Congress, losing to a view that federal excise taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel — far from dropping — will have to go up if they go anywhere.

Despite calls from the presidential campaign trail for a Memorial Day-to-Labor Day tax freeze, lawmakers quickly concluded — with a prod from the construction industry — that having $9 billion less to spendGas Prices too High on highways could create a pre-election specter of thousands of lost jobs.

Now, lawmakers quietly are talking about raising fuel taxes by a dime from the current 18.4 cents a gallon on gasoline and 24.3 cents on diesel fuel.

The fuel taxes go into the Highway Trust Fund, which is used for road construction and repair and mass transit. Depriving the 52-year-old Highway Trust Fund of $9 billion at a time when it is heading into the red doomed the notion of a gas tax holiday in Congress.

The nonpartisan National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission concluded in a report this year that the U.S. needs to spend $225 billion annually over the next 50 years to create a highway and transit system capable of sustaining strong economic growth. Current spending, at federal, state and local levels, is about $90 billion a year.

The American Road & Transportation Builders Association (A Barak Obama supporting Union) is calling for a 10-cent-a-gallon raise and indexing the tax to inflation. With construction costs soaring because of competition for building materials from China and other developing nations, the tax rate would have to be about 29 cents a gallon to achieve the same  purchasingdontdrillhere-1 power as the 18.4-cent rate imposed in 1993, the association says.

Including state and local levies, people in the U.S. pay about 47 cents on average in taxes for a gallon of gasoline. (In states such as California, Illinois, New York the average is closer to 70 cents per gallon in taxes.)  Fuel in many European countries costs $8 to $9 a gallon, with half or more of that going to taxes to pay for social programs and "free" healthcare.

During the debate over the proposed gas tax holiday, the chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Rep. James Oberstar, and the chairman of the highway subcommittee, Rep. Peter DeFazio, presented fellow lawmakers with a list of how many jobs and how much money each state would lose if the holiday were to pass. It ranged from $30 million and 1,000 jobs in Vermont to $664 million and 23,000 jobs in California.

The Transportation Construction Coalition, a group of industry companies and unions, (and heavy Democrat Campaign contributors to Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi and other high-level Democrats...) said that if Congress does not do something about the shortfall, states will lose about one-third of their road and bridge money in the budget year starting Oct. 1. That would put 485,000 more jobs at risk.

That message carried the day this summer. But now Congress has the bigger task of dealing with the short-term deficit crisis in the fund and coming up with a new spending plan, including revisiting the gas tax issue, when the current six-year, $286 billion highway-transit act expires in September 2009.

Senate Democrats in May tried to add $5 billion to an avia tion overhaul bill to replenish the highway trust fund next year; Republicans objected. Democrats tried again in June, but this time for $8 billion; Republicans objected to that, too.

Congress should first reduce spending on pet projects, known as earmarks, argued Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C. "I'm not going to let the Senate spend all this money when nobody is looking, especially when we refuse to stop wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on earmarks."

Oberstar, D-Minn., said his committee is working on the next long-term highway bill. He estimated it will take between $450 billion and $500 billion over six years to address safety and congestion issues with highways, bridges and transit systems.

"We'll put all things on the table," Oberstar said, but the gas tax "is the cornerstone. Nothing else will work without the underpinning of the higher user fee gas tax."

It's Time For Some Campaignin'


If you haven't seen this yet, it's worth a view.  The guys at JibJab have done it again, lampooning this political season's Presidential Candidates. 

 Pay special attention to the jab's at Obama.  Just like Barak, they say a whole lot of nothing about his "change."

No Dissent! Vote Obama Or Die!

It has begun.

"Vote Obama Or Die!" was heard exiting one hollywood elitist's mouth recently.  I've even seen it on t-shirts worn by black Obama supporters in Chicago's south-loop area where I work.  "Vote Obama Or Die!" is what the t-shirt reads, with an angry looking picture of Obama.

And now, the Obamanutsdiddy are issuing death threats to those who don't support their 'savior' Barak Hussein Obama.  In fact, they don't even like the fact that some have chosen to point out that Obama's middle name is the same as the Iraqi tyrant responsible for hundreds of thousands of people dying.

So what's happening here?  Simple.  Obama supporters are now threatening the die-hard Hillary! supporters through burning down signs, trees, threatening phone calls and telephone harassment among other things. 

Think Obamanuts are beyond this type of behavior?  Their savior has told them not to do these things, yet they continue on.

Liberal blog "Hillary Is My Girl!" is the latest to step from the shadows to discuss the death threats they've been receiving from the Obamanuts:

"On June 3, 2008 I put a PUMA sign up on my front door. I also put a NObama sign up. The entire neighborhood knew I was not going to vote for Obama {Most told me I would be stupid to vote for the man who spent weeks trying to terrorize me.}.obamaordietshirt

Two weeks later as PUMA began to gain attention the Campaign began bothering me again.
I received an email and then the phone calls started.

One evening I received a phone call - another death threat - and then shortly after my son came in and yelled fire. Someone set my tree on fire. The fire department said the fire was arson.

In related news... The website for the petition calling for Obama to provide a certified birth certificate has been taken down because of threats against the host and their family.

PUMA PAC is keeping a list of the Clinton supporters given death threats.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Civilian National Security Force?

What, oh what did the Obamanut himself mean when he said:


“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we have set. We have got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.” -Barack Obama July 2, 2008

What exactly is a "civilian national security force" and who's going to pay for it, Mr. Obama?

I don't know about you, but it sure sounds like forced National Public Service to me, reminiscent of the brown-shirted Nazi's, or Cuba's "civilian" security services. 

I guess this is what 143 days of experience in the United States Senate before deciding to run for President gets us.

(Some people think this guy is qualified for President???)

Maybe this clip will help.  If you can stand to watch the entire thing, go for it.  The really important comments pertaining to "civilian national security force" which starts about 16 minutes into the clip will help. 

With each passing day, this clown Obama puts his foot in his mouth more and more.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

OBama Campaigning, Traveling on Taxpayer Dollars (OBama: A "New" Kind of Democrat!)

Democratic presidential candidateD-anti-obama-no-barack-we-cant Barack Obama is traveling this summer to Iraq and Afghanistan - and the taxpayers will be footing the bill.

For "security" reasons, Obama's campaign won't say exactly when the trip will take place.

As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Obama is allowed to travel the world at government expense to learn firsthand about foreign-policy issues before Congress. Sens. Jack Reed, D-R.I. and Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., will accompany Obama. Hagel serves on Foreign Relations and Reed is on the Senate Armed Services Committee. Both are military veterans.

When Obama's travel was announced, he said the travel would be "an important opportunity for me to assess the situation in countries that are critical to American national security, and to consult with some of our closest friends and allies about the common challenges we face."

There is no way to estimate the taxpayer cost of Obama's trip in advance, but the cost figures eventually will appear in the Congressional Record as a committee expense report.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

La Raza To The Bottom (More Obama Hate Speak)

Fraud-721827-SMALL Politics: Barack Obama tells "The Race" that U.S. law enforcement officers are terrorists and that communities that enforce immigration laws are vigilantes. But then, that's exactly what La Raza believes.

Obama, the "post-racial" candidate, pandered Sunday to a group of Hispanic activists that calls itself "The Race." The only thing that was missing at the convention of the National Council of La Raza was his wearing a Mexican flag lapel pin.

In Orwellian fashion, defenders of "La Raza" deny that it means "the race." San Francisco Chronicle writer Carla Marinucci says of Obama's appearance before the group's national convention in San Diego that Obama "embraced the ideas reflected in the organization's name, La Raza, loosely translated as 'the people.' "

A very loose translation it is. Why not use "la comunidad" or "la gente" when speaking about the Latino people and community? Because La Raza wants to be called La Raza, and they known exactly what it means to them.

La Raza has ties it refuses to condemn with the likes of MECHa, a group that has spent the last three decades indoctrinating Latino students on American campuses, claiming the states of California, Arizona, Mexico, Texas and southern Colorado were stolen and should be returned to their rightful owners, the people of Mexico.

MECHa's slogan is derived from the rhetoric of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro: "Through the race, everything, outside the race, nothing." Obama hopes the road to the White House leads through La Raza.


Read more At Investors Business Daily




Thursday, July 10, 2008

He Said WHAT?!

Sunday July 6th will become known as the day that the real Jesse Jackson stood up and said what he really thought about Barak OBama

"He talks down to black people"

"I want to cut his nuts off."

During a recent Fathers Day speech, OBama lamented about growing up in a home without a father, and took black fathers to task saying "We need them to realize that what makes you a man is not the ability to have a child - it's the courage to raise one." 

In apologizing for his remark about OBama and wanting to "cut his nuts off" Jackson publicly admitted to the reality that the number of fatherless homes in the black community is in crisis.  Statistics show that more than 70% of black children grow up in a home without a father or father figure. 

I suspect however, that Jackson took OBama's comments on Father Day, and other occasions where he's spoken out about personal responsibility in black churches across America personally as Jackson himself has fathered children out of wedlock.  One may recall Jackson's usurpation of Rainbow Push money to pay off the mother of hils jesse meets obamaillegitimate child, Karen Stanford in order to move her out of the public spotlight to California. 

The fact that Jesse Jackson has hardly been a father to the child may also be one of the reasons Jackson has been taking OBama's comments personally, thus lashing out stating he wants to "cut his (OBama's) nuts off."  In 2001, Karen Stanford sued Jesse Jackson to formalize child support payments as Jackson had ceased paying her out of Rainbow/Push funds once the affair and birth of her child became known and also went public on ABC's "20/20" program in August of 2001 to chide Jackson saying "I want Jesse Jackson to be a father to Ashley.  I want us to have very clear visitation" citing further "He (Jackson) only visited Ashley once in seven months."

Surely there is a changing of the leadership guard in the black community.  OBama's message of personal responsibility, getting an education, and fathers being a presence in their children's lives isn't new.  Bill Cosby had the same message just a few short years ago, and was roundly criticized by many in the black community for selling out.  Will the message resonate with OBama?  It remains to be seen, but I suspect there's an underlying power struggle in the "leadership" of the black community.  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the "old guard."  They've made their entire careers on race-baiting and taking "protection money" from those who could least afford it, the poorest in their community.

Barak OBama is clearly the new guard.  While his message of personal responsibility is correct and should resonate within the black community, his politics and the methods in which he seeks to make social/economic change are dangerously marxist in nature as he would seek to control major segments of the U.S. economy through government intervention and regulation.

The power struggle between OBama and Jackson while an interesting sideshow in this year's election is really what happens when Dangerously Incompetent meets Hypocritically Corrupt.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

OBama's Troubling Internet Fund Raising

Apparently it's not just thiOBAMA-INCOMPETENTs writer that's been wondering where Barak OBama's huge on-line campaign contributions have been coming from. 

With more than $200,000,000 (that's two hundred million dollars) in his campaign warchest, OBama has been out trolling for more money.

If it's true that OBama's average campaign donation is $15 as he says, that means that more than 13 million people have donated to his campaign.  That's a highly implausible number for any political campaign in this history of the country.  So where is the money coming from?

Well, we know it's not coming from Tony Rezko, OBama's close friend who generated more than $2 million dollars in campaign contributions to OBama over the course of OBama's "lengthy" (/sarc) political career as   Rezko now sits in a Federal Jail serving out a sentence for illegal peddling of political influence amongst other charges, here in Illinois.

As Maureen Dowd uncovers in an article dated June 29th (reprinted below) much of OBama's money is coming from sources in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran (a member of the Axis of Evil)  and other banks in MIddle Eastern countries.

Is this the Obama version of the Clinton's China-Gate?  We believe it is, and none other than a liberal lamestream media reporter Maureen Dowd uncovers the truth:





Published: June 29, 2008


Certainly the most interesting and potentially devastating phone call I have received during this election cycle came this week from one of the Obama’s campaign internet geeks.  These are the staffers who devised Obama’s internet fund raising campaign which raised in the neighborhood of $200 million so far.  That is more then twice the total funds raised by any candidate in history – and this was all from  the internet campaign.

What I learned from this insider was shocking but I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that when it comes to fund raising there simply are no rules that can’t be broken and no ethics that prevail.
Obama’s internet campaign started out innocently enough with basic e-mail networking , lists saved from previous party campaigns and from supporters who visited any of the Obama campaign web sites.

Small contributions came in from these sources and the internet campaign staff  were more than pleased by the results.

Then, about two months into the campaign the daily contribution intake multiplied.  Where was it coming from?  One of the web site security monitors began to notice the bulk of the contributions were clearly coming in from overseas internet service providers and at the rate and frequency of transmission it was clear these donations were “programmed” by a very sophisticated user.

While the security people were not able to track most of the sources due to firewalls and other blocking devices put on these contributions they were able to collate the number of contributions that were coming in seemingly from individuals but the funds were from only a few credit card accounts and bank electronic funds transfers.  The internet service providers (ISP) they were able to trace were from Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Middle Eastern countries. One of the banks used for fund transfers was also located in Saudi Arabia.

Another concentrated group of donations was traced to a Chinese ISP with a similar pattern of limited credit card charges.

It became clear that these donations were very likely coming from sources other than American voters.  This was discussed at length within the campaign and the decision was made that none of these donations violated campaign financing laws.

It was also decided that it was not the responsibility of the campaign to audit these millions of contributions as to the actual source (specific credit card number or bank transfer account numbers) to insure that none of these internet contributors exceeded the legal maximum donation on a cumulative basis of many small donations.  They also found the record keeping was not complete enough to do it anyway.

This is a shocking revelation.

We have been concerned about the legality of “bundling” contributions after the recent exposure of illegal bundlers but now it appears we may have an even greater problem.

I guess we should have been somewhat suspicious when the numbers started to come out.  We were told (no proof offered) that the Obama internet contributions were from $10.00 to $25.00 or so.

If the $200,000,000 is right, and the average contribution was $15.00, that would mean over 13 million individuals made contributions?  That would also be 13 million contributions would need to be processed.  How did all that happen?

I believe the Obama campaign’s internet fund raising needs a serious, in depth investigation and audit.  It also appears the whole question of internet fund raising needs investigation by the legislature and perhaps new laws to insure it complies not only with the letter of these laws but the spirit as well.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Divider, Not A Uniter

For all Obama's talk about uniting the Country, why does his website divide all American's into seventeen (17) different and "unique" categories, while explicitly leaving one large, important demographic completely aside?

Allow us to demonstrate.

The “people” section of Obama's website divides Americans into the following categories: Latinos, women, First Americans, environmentalists, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people, Americans with disabilities, Asian-Americans and Pacific islanders and so on.

There is no mention of whites, or men.  Perhaps becaunobamase it's white men that Obama intended in his claim that "certain people cling to God and Guns out of fear." 

So who are the whites and men that Obama is referring to? 

The most popular theory amongst Elitist, Liberal Democrats such as Obama is that the Democrat Party itself has done nothing wrong, rather, it's the "stupid, white trash" who are too bigoted or stupid to support them.  This is not a theory that's going to get the Democrat party very far this fall. 

The main problem for Democrats this fall is twofold.  First, that they are identified as the party that blames all the worlds ills, from global warming to racism, the oppression of workers, "oil making us sick, coal making us sick" on white men.  Few if any real men (who happen to be white) share this view and are quite often blue-collar workers themselves tired of shouldering the Democrat Party's blame.

Second, Democrats lost many non-southern white men, too. Between the presidential elections of 1960 and 2004, their share of the southern white male vote shrank by 17 points, but among non-southern whites it still shrank by 12 points.  Racial attitudes have been shifting since the 1960's, most notably amongst today's youth who tend to shun socio-economic and racial barriers.  Surely there's something else making "white men" shun the Democrat party?

Yes there is, it's called the Democrat Party's complete failure to take white men seriously.  After years of using the "angry white male" as a punching bag, they've driven away a significant chunk of the very core constituency it needed to win elections.  Rather than admitting it's mistake, the Democrats have turned instead to "special interest" voters to make up the gap.  Unfortunately for Democrats, there aren't enough gay, transgendered environmentalist vegan atheists who hate guns and oil to make up the difference.

Obama seems to understand this lately, which is why he's now reversing himself (we call it the "Obamaflop") on issues such as banning handguns which he supported as a junior Illinois State Senator in the Illinois Legislature, abortion on demand for any reason including his full support for partial  birth abortions up to the moment of birth, and the Iraq War, which he now sees as being grudgingly successful and as a result has turned away from his March 20th, 2008 primary promise of a uni-lateral pullout should he be elected President.

Even still, Obama's website divides American's into seventeen (17) different categories, and white men don't count.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Dangerously Incompetent

Cheri Jacobus, a Republican Strategist pondered in her column on May 5th about Barak Obama's "experience" to be President of the United States:

"From the time Barack Obama was sworn in as a United State Senator, to the time he announced he was forming a Presidential exploratory committee, he logged 143 days of experience in the Senate. That's how many days the Senate was actually in session and working.

After 143 days of work experience, Obama believed he was ready to be Commander In Chief, Leader of the Free World, and fill the shoes of Abraham Lincoln, FDR, JFK and Ronald Reagan.

143 days -- I keep leftovers in my refrigerator longer than that.

In contrast, John McCain's 26 years in Congress, 22 years of military service including 1,966 days in captivity as a POW in Hanoi now seem more impressive than ever. At 71, John McCain may just be hitting his stride. "

Well, not exactly. You see, Barak Obama also had approximately two  terms as a very junior Illinois Fraud-721827-SMALLState Legislator, under Chicago Democrat Boss and Illinois State Senate President, Emil Jones.  Surely Obama's approximately 1440 days of experience as a junior Illinois Legislator on top of 143 days of actual "work experience" in the U.S. Senate qualifies him for the highest office in the land, does it not?

Actually it doesn't.  What it does, is make Barak Obama dangerously incompetent to be Commander in Chief, and that's not a risk any right-thinking American should be willing to take at this tenuous point in the War on Terror, or with our economy on shaky ground.

Barak Obama and the Woods Fund of Chicago

From the American Thinker blog, Richard Henry Lee:

Barack Obama served on the board of directors of Woods Fund of Chicago from 1993 to 2001. During that time, the tax exempt foundation made some interesting grants, including one to Obama's church, Trinity United Church of Christ, headed by Rev. Jeremiah Wright at the time. Grants were also made to ACORN, a left wing voter registration group and to a partnership for constructing low income housing. The fund also used Northern Trust for financial services, which is the same company that provided Obama his 2005 mortgage.

In 2001 the board of directors included Obama, William Ayers, the former Weather Underground radical terrorist, and serving as chairman was Howard J. Stanback who headed New Kenwood LLC, a limited liability company founded by now-convicted felon Tony Rezko and Allison Davis, Obama's former boss at the law firm of Davis Miner Barnhill & Galland.

Grant to Obama's Church

The Woods Fund in 2001 awarded a $6,000 grant to Obama's church, Trinity United Church of Christ, headed by his now ex-pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The grant was probably awarded since Obama did not receive his $6,000 director's pay in 2001. He had received $6,000 in 1998, 1999 and 2000. Even though the grant may have been made in lieu of Obama's pay, the Fund's own web page in 2001 states that religious organiztions are not eligible for grant consideration.

The reason for the grant to Obama's church may have been because Obama might have felt bad for not having donated much previously. According the the Obamas' tax returns, they deducted $2350 in charitable donations in the year 2000 and a lesser amount of $1470 in 2001. Their adjusted gross income was $240,000 in 2000 and $270,000 in 2001. According to a Chicago Tribune story, the Trinity United Church of Christ encourages its members to donate 10% of their income, yet the Obamas gave only $400 in 1998 to TUCC. The $6,000 grant may possibly have been made to keep Obama in the good graces of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The tax code apparently allows such contributions.

The grant is especially interesting in view of Obama's sudden conversion to the faith based initiative started by President Bush.

Northern Trust Connection

As reported previously, the Obamas' financed their upscale Hyde Park home in 2005 through a mortgage with Northern Trust and obtained a better than average mortgage rate. Coincidentally, Woods Fund had started using Northern Trust investment services a couple of years earlier. The 2005 Woods Fund 990-PF tax filing shows that the fund paid $105,583 in fees and also participated in a Northern Trust private equity fund. Ayers and Stanback were still on the board of directors at that time so it is possible that one of them was somehow involved in helping Obama choose Northern Trust.

Funding for ACORN

ACORN is well known to readers of AT as a left wing voter registration group which seems to skirt the rules. Woods Fund made annual grants of around $70,000 annually to ACORN from 2001 to 2005 for a total of $355,000. There appears to be no grant to ACORN in 2006.

Investment in Neighborhood Rejuvenation Partners

The Boston Globe has a recent article about Chicago's housing problems including Woods Fund's investment in Neighborhood Rejuvenation Partners (NRP). The Chicago Sun Times has an earlier story about this investment with much more detail. Allison Davis (Obama's former boss) asked Woods Fund to invest $1,000,000 in NRP. Obama voted in favor and Stanback abstained since he worked for Davis as noted above. The Sun Times reports:

City records show Davis used some of the money to build a 72-unit apartment building for senior citizens at 87th and Ashland. The $10 million project -- built with a $5.7 million loan from the city -- netted Davis nearly $700,000 in development fees, city records show. His son Cullen Davis is paid to manage the building, which opened three years ago with a ceremony featuring Mayor Daley.

Davis, who's now business partners with Daley's nephew Robert Vanecko, has known Obama for years. Obama began serving on the Woods Fund board in 1993, the same year he was hired as an associate lawyer with Davis' small Chicago law firm, Davis Miner Barnhill. Obama kept working there until he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004.

Obama voted for the investment, but Stanback abstained because he worked for Davis. Davis has donated $25,000 to Obama's various political campaigns according to the Sun Times.

Obama fact check page is wrong

Obama's fact check web page concerning the Boston Globe article claims that Woods Fund has not actually made any payments to Neighborhood Rejuvenation Partners, yet the 2002 990-PF tax filing shows in fact that Woods Fund has an investment of $408,000. As of 2006, the investment was $908,000 out of $1,000,000 committed. Someone needs to fact check the fact checkers.


One interesting investment Woods Fund made was to purchase shares of Countrywide Financial Corporation stock in 2005. As of 2006, the investment was worth $382,000. At the end of 2006, the stock was selling at $42.50. Today it is $4.25 after the sub prime mortgage fiasco.

Another is Wal-Mart, the company every liberal likes to hate. In 2005, Woods Fund had $327,000 invested in Wal-Mart stock. The investment seems to coincide with the approval for the first Wal-Mart store in Chicago in 2004. It is still remarkable that someone like Ayers would be on the board of a fund investing in the bĂȘte noire of liberals.

Obama's long association with the Woods Fund is another chapter in his involvement in left wing ideology and it is one which deserves additional scrutiny. Certainly the many associations of Obama with members of the Chicago political machine are noteworthy. Also Obama's term on the board overlapped three years with Bill Ayers. Since the board met quarterly, Ayers and Obama could have been together at least 12 times.

If someone wants to research more about Woods Fund, their non-profit tax forms from 2001 to 2006 are available onlne here.

Richard Henry Lee is the pseudonym of a retired Illinois state employee.

Editors Note:
A cursory glance at Northern Trust's home page would indicate that at the the time Barak Obama was taken on as a 'client' of Northern Trust, he did not qualify with the minimal amount of investments required, in order to become a Northern Trust client. Northern Trust typically caters to the uber-wealthy of the world as a Global Investments Organization. The minimum requirements to become an investor with Northern Trust are $5,000,000 in assets, which clearly Barak Obama did not have at the time.

This begs the question: who bent the rules at Northern Trust for Barak Obama? Additionally, who paid the taxes on Barak Obama's home, in excess of $300,000 over several years to the Cook County Assessor's office in Chicago Illinois?

We believe Antoin "Tony" Rezko did, but it was a "cash transaction" with the Cook County Assessor's office, so there are of course, no records.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Where Was Barak Obama The Sunday After Sept. 11, 2001?

As Barak Obama himself likes to say, "It's about judgement."

So where was Barak Obama the Sunday after September 11th, 2001? Was he at Trinity United Church of Christ, listening to this "sermon" from a hate-filled, racist "Pastor" named Jeremiah Wright, or wasn't he?

As we now know, Barak Obama could no longer "disown" Jeremiah Wright, his spiritual mentor than he could the crazy uncle every family has.

Oh wait, yes he could. Six weeks to the day after saying he would stand by his friend Jeremiah Wright, he threw the good pastor under the proverbial bus.

Along with his own White Grandmother. I'm sure she was proud.

But none of this belies the question of where was Barak Obama the Sunday morning after September 11th, 2001? Was he in the pews of Trinity United Church of Christ listening to this anti-American, race-baiting "Pastor" or not?

Barak, we're waiting for your answer.

It's about judgement you know.

Barak OBama - Judgement You CAN'T Trust

As a candidate for the United States Senate in 2002, Barak OBama put his political career "on the line" to oppose going to war in Iraq, and warned of "an occupation of undetermined length, with undetermined costs, and undetermined consequences. "Obama has been a consistent, principled, and vocal opponent of the War in Iraq.

In 2002, Barak Obama was nothing more than a 'lackey' for Illinois State Senate President, Democrat Emil Jones. Obama wasn't even in the United States Senate, something his proponents conveniently forget. Obama didn't even announce his candidacy for US Senate until January 2003!

At the time that Barak Obama claims to have 'put his entire political career on the line' he had compiled no less than 180 "PRESENT" votes in the Illinois State Senate. Obama likes to say that these "PRESENT" votes were made because he believed that more than 180 legislative bills in the Illinois Senate were "imperfect." This simply isn't true, and there's much more to the story that the Lamestream Media conveniently ignores.

A further examination of Barak Obama's voting record post his "PRESENT" votes shows that he voted more than 95% of the time in alignment with Illinois State Senate President, Democrat Emil Jones.

What does this really mean?
It means that Barak Obama never cast a vote in the Illinois State Senate that his boss, State Senate President & Democrat Emil Jones told him not to. Barak Obama never once introduced a single, meaningful piece of legislation in the Illinois State Senate to "make people's lives" better.

He never introduced a comprehensive healthcare plan, contrary to his official website.

He never introduced welfare reform, contrary to his official website.

He never created a single job in Illinois (other than perhaps for his friend Antoin "Tony" Rezko, who now sits in jail after raising more than $2.5 million dollars for Obama's Senate run, and paying for part of Obama's Hyde Park mansion.)

What Does This Say About Obama's Judgement?
It says that Barak Obama thinks that you, the American Public is too stupid to look into his background. He believes that he can fool you by doing nothing while saying everything. This is incredibly bad judgement!